Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three Pics

Top picture: (Rear L-R) Mrs. S. C. Elliot-Lynn, Britain's first woman pilot, and her passenger Lady Bailey leaving plane after flight breaking world's altitude record for light airplanes, at Hamble Aerodrome.
Location:United Kingdom
Date taken:June 1927

(Left) Long-distance aviator Lady Heath, the first woman to be engaged as a pilot on a passenger air-service, standing in front of a Dutch airline KLM Fokker passenger plane, with 1st pilot J Scholte. (Photo by Edward G Malindine/Getty Images)

(Above) 27th July 1928: Lady Heath (1897 - 1939), the first woman passenger line pilot, in the cockpit of the Fokker Air Liner owned by Royal Dutch Air Lines, after a flight from Amsterdam to Croydon. (Photo by MacGregor/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

(left) 27th July 1928: Aviator Lady Sophie Mary Heath on arrival at Croydon aerodrome after her first flight (from Amsterdam) as an airline pilot for Royal Dutch Lines, making her the first woman in the world to fly a passenger aeroplane. Mynheer J Scholto is beside her. (Photo by Walter Bellamy/London Express/Getty Images)