Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Lady Young's Africa Epic (yes, another one)

This one concerns Lady Young, wife of Sir Herbert Young, governor of Northern Rhodesia, who Lady Heath had met on her epic journey of 1928 (85 years ago this year, which has only dawned on me.Thick).
Lady Young took off from Livingstone on 28 February 1935 in her Gypsy Moth to join her husband in Lusaka where he was attending to the transfer of the capital of Northern Rhodesia from Livingstone. Lady Young had not fully recovered from a bout of malaria, and was accompanied by the Senior Government Medical Officer, Dr T.R.F.Kerby. It was an overcast morning and visibility was very poor, but Lady Young was widely renowned as an expert pilot and there were no fears for her safety.
The distance to be flown was 291 miles, and her ETA at Lusaka was 11.00. The flight ended up taking over seven days.

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