Monday, November 18, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 17: Rhino Slaughter at Lewa

Spirit of Artemis and team were  at the  Lewa Wildlife Conservancy just north of  Mount Kenya in Kenya yesterday after a happy day rhino watching in the park and feeding an orphaned trio of the animals being hand reared by Sarah Watson
Harsh reality intervened this morning. Just after midnight, poachers had stalked a rhino and shot her repeatedly with their automatic weapons. They then  hacked off her horn with an axe before fleeing on a motorbike.

Rhino horn powder is sold
by the rapaciously  greedy to the terminally gullible as a magic cure for cancer, impotence and hangovers. You might as well chew your nails, which are made of the same essential substance.

When Lady Heath flew over this area in 1928, she marveled at the wildlife including tens of thousands of rhinos and a rare white rhino
‘that is really a dirty grey’.
Today, in Lewa there are less than 1,000 rhinos with 50 of them  already slaughtered this year. Do we allow this to continue?
Lady Heath's route  to Cairo-
Mar 5 -Abercorn (Mbala), Zambia
Mar 7 - Tabora,Tanzania
Mar 8 - Mwanza, Tanzania
Mar 14 - Nairobi, Kenya
Mar 22 - Jinja, Uganda, via Kisumu, Kenya
Mar 28 - Mongalla, South Sudan
Mar 30 - Kosti in the Sudan via  Malakal, South Sudan
Mar 31 - Khartoum, Sudan
Apr 2 - Atbara, Sudan
Apr 3 - Wadi Halfa, Sudan
Apr 4 - Cairo, Egypt

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