Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 27: Tennis in Atbara?

Helping Tracey and team when she gets to  Egypt next week is General Aviation Support Egypt who will be on hand in Abu Simbel, Aswan, Luxor, El Alamein as well as  their own October Airport near Cairo.  
After Khartoum, Mary Heath  set off in the wake of a Fairey service aeroplane going to Wadi Halfa since the Sudan authorities were still very unhappy at the idea of a women pilot flying over any part of the Sudan alone.  Lady H gleefully reports that after take-off she never saw this much slower plane  again! 
The Nile
She covered the 190 miles to Atbara, where there was an "immense aerodrome" in two and a quarter hours.  Once on the ground, she accepted the invitation of the "kindly people" to stay  for tennis and the night.  Next day she left Atbara, following the Nile as far as "Station 10". Since she couldn't find the aerodrome, she landed on the banks of the Nile, dabbled her feet in it, had a drink and took some photos.  She then followed the railway line through the desert to Wadi Halfa, flying the 376 miles in  five and a half hours. She had some stamina. 

*Check out for some up-to-date film of the trip. Ladies and lads - you all look exhausted...

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