Monday, December 09, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 38: Grounded in Mersa Matrouh

From Facebook:
"Woke to a fine morning, ready to fly across the Med.
On the engine test before take off, Tracey encountered first significant mechanical issue of trip-- a magneto failure. And so ended our hopes of flying out to Crete today. Further assessments ongoing. Thankful the mechanical didn't occur over the water, or somewhere in Libya."

Tracey and Co were planning to take off  for Crete today from Egypt this morning.  Hopefully the problem isn't serious and they will fly on in the next day or two. Not sure where they go after that - maybe mainland Greece and then Italy, which will allow them to pick up the route followed by Mary Heath? The plan was to arrive in Goodwood in nine days time - on December 18 - according to

This was Lady Heath's route after flying Tunis to Sicily (wearing a number of motor bicycle tyres around her midriff in case her plane fell into the sea. They "popped" when she reached 7,000ft!):

5.5.28 Tripoli-Tunis via Sfax, to Naples via Catania next day
7.5.28 Naples-Rome
14.5.28 Rome-Marseilles, to Dijon next day, to Paris on the 16th
Arrived at Croydon via Lympne

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