Friday, April 04, 2014

Lady Heath 75th Anniversary is Next Month

Thanks to Michael Traynor (who is writing a biography of Sicile O'Brien) for reminding me that  9 May 2014 is the 75th anniversary of Lady Heath's death at St Leonard's Hospital Shoredith in London.
According to her death notice, she died of "shock from multiple injuries sustained when fell down the stairs of a tramcar." She was cremated at Golder's Green  on Monday May 15. Her ashes were later - allegedly - scattered from a plane over  her native town of Newcastle West in Co Limerick.


Anonymous said...

Just heard a re-run of the documentary about the life of Sophie Pierse on West Limerick 102 radio station. It was facinating! Thank you for bringing the story to life for us.
I wonder if there are any plans to celebrate the 75th in NCW? (The town's 'other poet' is getting his annual rememberance.)

Lindie Naughton said...

Would love to think so, but no news so far. Here's one idea: the film of Tracey Curtis Taylor's recreation of her flight will be ready in May. Maybe there could be a special Limerick premiere?