Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 11:Paper work at the border

Tracey and Ewald study the route
"Immigration out of Zambia immigration into Tanzania - two and a half hours total - envying Lady Heath and the long gone days of little paperwork! Beautiful morning here in Mbyeya. Tracey has picked up a bit of a head cold but soldiering on! Destination Mwanza and the shores of Lake Victoria - a favorite spot of Lady Heath's" says
Mwanza is where Mary Heath was delayed (she had made good progress until this point) and decided to go on a hunting expedition with an Italian group she befriended. On one day, she claimed to have walked 22 miles. 
In later years, she sported a long leopardskin coat. "I shot it in Africa, my dear!" she would reply (between puffs of Turkish cigarette smoke) if anyone was brave enough to ask its origins.
Tracey has no plans to raise a gun to any living creature on this trip.
Lady Heath's route -
Feb 26 - Bulawayo
Feb 28  - Livingstone
Mar 1 - Broken Hill (Kabwe)
Mar 4  - Ndola
Mar 5 -Abercorn (Mbala)
Mar 7 - Tabora
Mar 8 - Mwanza
Mar 14 - Nairobi
Mar 22 - Kisumu
Mar 29 - Mongella

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