Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 12: Ah - Duct Tape!

Annette Adjusts Camera
Tracey (and her faithful crew) is now heading to Nairobi in Kenya - and thanks to the cameras carefully arranged around the body of the "Spirit of Artemis", we can all expect spectacular images from the flight.
Subtle use of duct tape
Keeping them in place is mankind's most useful ever invention - duck (or rather duct) tape which for generations has helped repair dings in cars and boats, kept flippers from falling off feet and served as an impromptu bandage for injured limbs.
In  the case of the Spirit of Artemis, you barely notice it's there -  duct tape comes in many colours these days, including forester's green.
*In Nairobi (or Nairobbery as old hands call it) Lady Mary got robbed and admitted that she felt like"howling" when hit by various manifestations of pig-headed bureaucracy. Judging from Annette's account of dealing with officialdom on the Zambia-Tanzanian border, nothing much has changed.
Lady Heath's route -
Feb 26 - Bulawayo
Feb 28  - Livingstone
Mar 1 - Broken Hill (Kabwe)
Mar 4  - Ndola
Mar 5 -Abercorn (Mbala)
Mar 7 - Tabora
Mar 8 - Mwanza
Mar 14 - Nairobi
Mar 22 - Kisumu
Mar 29 - Mongella

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