Sunday, December 01, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 30: Artemis arrives in Aswan

Abu Simnel

Good news - Spirit of Artemis and team left Dongola in Sudan earlier today and have arrived safely in Egypt - Aswan to be precise -  according to General Aviation Support Egypt, a volunteer group of aviation enthusiast who are helping  the Cape Town to Goodwood team with logistics. Over the next couple of days, the team will spend time in Aswan, which is on the northern shores of Lake Nasser,  and at Luxor before (with luck) arriving at Cairo (HEOC) on Thursday.

Mary Heath left Wadi Halfa before sunrise on 4 April 1928. "I intended to stop at Assuit, but eventually pushed right through to Cairo, about 700 miles, in exactly nine hours," she writes in "Women and Flying." 
"The Nile was my guide all the time, so I opened my novel and ate my chocolates. But the journey was so intensely interesting that my book was left untended most of the time and I flew low over the wonderful old temples of Luxor and the other remains of ancient civilisations that I passed."

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