Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 43: Back in Europe - at last

When Mary Heath flew her 95 mile journey across the Mediterranean, she was prepared for the worst. "I had obtained a couple of motor-cycle tyres, and having blown them up, had wrapped them around my waist as a life-belt if I came down in the sea. To make it possible to reach land in case of trouble, I went as high as possible; but to my horror, at 7,000 ft, the pressure outside being too little to bear against the pressure inside the tubes, they went off pop! - and I was left with shreds of runner hanging around my neck!"
Visibility was good and halfway across, she had the magnificent sight of  both Africa and Europe at the same time. Let's hope Tracey and Co  had the same good fortune on their trip to Crete today with soft winds and warm air.

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