Monday, December 16, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 45: Welcome to Corfu!

So after snow in Egypt, what's the weather like in Italy, where we suspect Spirit  of Artemis is headed, having just heard that the team has arrived safely in Corfu.
Well, in Rome, anyone arriving today can expect clear conditions, temperatures of 13 degrees and a wind at 6km/h. In Greece, there are a few clouds about and some rain.
We have no evidence that Mary Heath visited Greece (certainly not on this trip), but she was a big fan of Italy.
She had battled a north-west wind on her way across the Straits of Messina, making for a bumpy ride. Below she had a breath-taking view of mountains rising "sheer out of the sea" and many beaches that could have provided good emergency landing spots.
"Italy is rather wonderful. She puts down emergency landing grounds, beautifully kept and well marked, about every twenty miles, and all these have the names of the places cut on them in white chalk."
Thanks to the smoke drifting down from Vesuvius,  it grew darker as she approached Naples and she dropped height, using the roads below as her guide. She had been flying from eight and a half hours when she landed at a tiny aerodrome in Naples, and was greeted by a duty officer and flight officer before supper with Commandante Cancianotti and his wife.

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