Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 48: Hungary?

Sorry guys - no news.  Spirit of Artemis was aiming to go to Hungary yesterday in a deviation from Mary Heath's route yesterday. Lady Heath did make a big tour of Europe with Henry Holindreke on another of her adventures. She landed their plane in a field to post a letter (as you do) and turned around to find a large mob of locals charging towards her armed with big sticks. She made a hasty return  to the plane and took off.
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Annette Porter said...

HI Lindie!!

I made it back to the UK last night, reluctantly trading in the chilly front passenger seat of Tracey's Stearman for an aisle seat in a the closed capsule of a 767.
Tracey pressing on, doing the last very cold legs alone.

Just dependent upon the weather now. We'll keep you posted.

It's been quite an adventure -- seems like an age since you first so kindly brought me up to speed on the fearsome Irish lady.

Speak soon