Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cape Town to Goodwood Day 50: Tracey Flying Solo

* Tracey making her way back to England on her own at the moment - and still somewhere   west of  France. She won't make it back by Monday December 23. See Facebook for updates.

Mary Heath was still suffering from "the trail" of the rheumatic fever she had picked up in North Africa, so when he landed in Dijon,  she retired to bed at 6pm, with some English books she picked up in the aerodrome's library. She has an always found the time to check over her plane.
After the cloudy weather that had forced her to fly at 60ft  on her flight from Marseille the previous day, she woke up to a beautiful morning and set off for Paris. After four hours flying, she was nearing Paris when she was hit by two very bad storms, with thunder, lightning and hail "which cut my face and beat my wings down to the ground".
At Le Bourget Airport north of Paris,  where Charles Lindbergh had landed so memorably, she was greeted by "Scruffy" Robinson of Imperial Airways. She didn't delay long in Paris but found time to attend the second anniversary lunch of the International League of Aviators at their Bois du Boulogne HQ.

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